Famous Millionaire Sugar Daddies in the World and Common Features They Have

Every sugar baby out there dreams of going out with a filthy rich sugar daddy. It is the jackpot of any sugar baby out there. And, what better way to do this than hooking up with a millionaire sugar daddy? That is why we bring you a list of the famous millionaire sugar daddies in the world. And, that is not all, we also highlight the features they have in common. Read on to find out who they are. Let's get to it already!

1. Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner

Born in the mid-1920s in Chicago Illinois, Hugh Hefner was an American publisher who's known for his extremely popular magazine the Playboy. Hefner created a fictional character associated with glitz and glam and he went ahead to lead a life that was the exact same depiction of this character. Over the course of his lifetime, Hefner married many young women, one after another. After all, he had the millions to facilitate this kind of lifestyle. Every young and upcoming girl wanted to be his sugar baby. Who wouldn't! He lived the life of a party and the parties where frequented by fascinating and famous people. At the time of his death, Hefner's net worth was estimated to be about $50 million in liquid assets.

2. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is an American actor who was once the most paid on TV. He started acting way back in the 80s and has accumulated lots of money over time. Having featured in some of the most famous movies and TV shows and attracted plenty of young females in the course of his carrier, Charlie Sheen sure fits the bill for a famous millionaire sugar daddy. Unfortunately, he was unlucky to pick up a deadly STD during his sexual escapades. HIV! Yes, Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and he just admitted it on national television. If anything, he's been fighting legal battles with his ex-wife for failing to disclose his HIV status. Currently, his net worth stands at $10 million.

3. John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy happens to be one of the most powerful people on this list. Here's why. Apart from being the President of the United States, he was also quite wealthy at the time. John F Kennedy had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, a 19-year-old sugar baby who was an intern at the White House during his presidency. He is arguably the world's most famous sugar daddy and he even had his sugar baby on his payroll. According to the founder of SeekingArrangements, John F Kennedy had the personality and tendency of a playboy, much like that of Hugh Hefner. At the time of his death, John F Kennedy had a net worth of over $100 million.

4. Clint Eastwood

clint eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a 90-year-old actor with lots of credits to his name including an Oscar. He started off in the entertainment industry way back as a teenager and has since been able to amass lots of wealth. He's had a fair share of divorces and does not shy away from controversy. His latest controversy is his adventure with young girls. Lately, Clint Eastwood has been rumored to be gifting young sugar babies with crazy amounts of lavish items. Apart from acting, Clint Eastwood is also a musician, a producer and a politician. His current net worth stands at $375 million.

5. Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke

He was a Canadian actor, sports show host and songwriter. Alan Thicke made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He is known for his role in the sitcom Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers and he was the father to the famous Robin Thicke. In his old age, Alan Thicke loved to go out with younger women and he made it quite worth their while. Alan Thicke had a net worth of $40 million and he died in 2016 leaving behind a huge collection of wealth including an estate.

Similar Features That Millionaire Sugar Daddies Have

Looking at the above characteristics of famous millionaire sugar daddies, it is clear that they share quite a huge amount of features. Let us look at these similarities one by one.


All the above famous millionaire sugar daddies are straight. They practice heterosexual sexualities. However, this is just what is known to the public. We have not yet heard of a homosexual famous millionaire sugar daddy but this doesn't mean they don't exist. The common ground when it comes to sexuality is that most of the famous sugar daddies are heterosexual.

Age gap

All the above famous millionaire sugar daddies were attracted to young girls. Most of the girls are less than half the age of the sugar daddies. These wealthy sugar daddies are over 50 years of age with some of them in their 90s.


All the rich sugar daddies in the list are filthy rich. They can afford to throw away a couple of millions without feeling the pinch of it. Some of them include sugar baby allowance in their payroll. We have observed that the net worth of these famous millionaire sugar daddies is in double-digit millions and this is in liquid assets.

Sex Life

All the millionaire sugar daddies seem to have the “playboy” kind of sex life. They are attracted to young women and they fancy jumping from one to another because the relations don't entail any strings attached.


These famous wealthy sugar daddies have flashy lifestyles that feature luxury cars, private jets, vacations and glamorous parties. Most of them have divorced a couple of times. The lifestyle of most famous sugar daddies is characterized by controversy.

What Kind Of Sugar Daddy Is Popular Online?

All the famous millionaire sugar daddies listed above are popular. However, there are those who are more popular than others especially on the internet. Those who boast of more popular online are the ones with flashy lifestyles. They are flamboyant and have lots of money, political connections, and investments in multiple ventures. Another aspect of those sugar daddies with online popularity are those with regular controversies. They are fond of making headlines on blogs and have a tendency to attract paparazzi.

It is worth noting that these famous wealthy sugar daddies who are popular on the internet are also quite flashy with their spending. They are the type that likes to publicize everything including the cost of jewelry they gif their sugar babies. They like to drive fast cars, fly private jets, and go on vacations in some of the most exotic destinations in the world. All this lifestyle is, of course, juicy material for paparazzi and it constitutes just about everything that online bloggers like to publish.

In summation, we can conclude that the famous millionaire sugar daddies in the world became quite popular because of their flamboyant lifestyle and their love for the camera and controversy. This conclusion is drawn from the observation we have made from the five rich sugar daddies we sampled. All of them have divorced at least once and they have lots of wealth, which they don't mind sharing with young girls. The likes of John F Kennedy even had their sugar babies put on their payroll.